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(Posted 6/12/2011) Taken 1/8/2011. We hosted a holiday party for Lori's family.

image_DSC_0153.jpg image_DSC_0218.jpg image_DSC_0219.jpg image_DSC_0245.jpg

(Posted 6/12/2011) Taken 5/29/2011. (Thanks to the other parent who took these photos!) Alex at his Challenger Little League game, Livermore vs. Niles-Centerville in Dublin. This game was part of the overall Challenger Jamboree hosted by District 57 Little League. More info is here.

image_l100_0514.jpg image_l100_0516.jpg image_l100_0522.jpg image_l100_0524.jpg image_l100_0526.jpg image_l100_0528.jpg image_l100_0532.jpg image_l100_0533.jpg image_l100_0536.jpg image_l100_0542.jpg image_l100_0547.jpg image_l100_0549.jpg image_l100_0553.jpg image_l100_0556.jpg image_l100_0559.jpg image_l100_0562.jpg image_l100_0565.jpg image_l100_0571.jpg image_l100_0572.jpg image_l100_0573.jpg image_l100_0574.jpg image_l100_0576.jpg image_l100_0578.jpg

(Posted 6/12/2011) Taken 6/12/2011. Alex at the Lil' Partners Rodeo event. This is a morning for the local special needs kids to show them how to rope steer, ride a bronco, run the barrels, and ride a real horse. It takes place in the rodeo arena on Sunday morning, and then the real rodeo runs in the afternoon. Alex's rodeo partner this year was rodeo queen Missi Elliott. More info is here.

image_l100_0587.jpg image_l100_0591.jpg image_l100_0594.jpg

(Posted 6/19/2011) Taken 6/19/2011. Alex decided to take Daddy to see the Giants game for Father's Day. (This was Alex's first big league ball game!) Lori, on the other hand, went to see the A's game.

image_l100_0597.jpg image_l100_0598.jpg image_l100_0599.jpg image_l100_0600.jpg image_l100_0604.jpg image_l100_0611.jpg image_l100_0614.jpg image_l100_0621.jpg image_l100_0627.jpg image_l100_0629.jpg image_l100_0631.jpg image_l100_0641.jpg

(Posted 6/26/2011) Taken 6/25/2011. We took Alex to the Alameda County Fair this weekend. His favorite activity was the kids musical instrument tent.

image_riphone002.jpg image_riphone004.jpg

(Posted 7/3/2011) Taken 7/2/2011. Alex test driving new chairs at Ikea.

image_riphone005.jpg image_riphone008.jpg image_riphone013.jpg

(Posted 7/3/2011) Taken 7/3/2011. We all went to see the A's / Diamondbacks game. The A's won 7-1, which also helped the Giants.

image_100_4235.jpg image_100_4237.jpg image_100_4242.jpg image_100_4243.jpg image_100_4246.jpg image_100_4250.jpg

(Posted 7/4/2011) Taken 7/4/2011. We started a new July 4 tradition: Assembling Swedish furniture.

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