Jeff and Lori Collins'

Baby photos from our son Alexander William Collins

I obviously haven't been very good at getting updated pictures online lately. At the moment, I've only uploaded some of the very recent pictures from mid-June. I have a bunch of good pictures from April to June that need to go online and will as soon as I have time.

So here's what's been going on lately. Lori and I took him out of daycare in early May. He was bringing home way too much creeping crud (ie. colds) from all the drooling toddlers at daycare. We were both able to arrange at work to reduce to part time 5 hours a day. Lori works mornings and takes care of Alex in the afternoons. Jeff takes care of Alex in the mornings and works in the afternoons. Things have been doing pretty well on this schedule so far.

Unfortunately, he does seem to have some of the same hayfever allergies that Lori and I both have in this area. That is, mostly tree pollens such as elm and oak. He gets stuffy and we have to try to get mucus out of his nose. But steaming him in the bathroom while we take a shower also helps.

He is now 19 lbs as of yesterday, June 21, 2002. He's sitting up by himself, propped up like a tripod. He rolls over at will, including when you're trying to feed him! He talks and babbles and says Da Da, although he has no idea that "Da Da" is me. He had his third haircut last weekend and we got it cut pretty short for the hot summer that's almost upon us here. He's eating solid food twice a day. His favorite is applesauce. He also eats squash, pears, cherries, peaches, prunes, bananas, oatmeal, and carrots. He just outgrew his first carseat. We bought two bigger ones (one for each car) yesterday at Costco.

I moved the old photos (before April 8) to another page to get them out of the way. Click here to see them.

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(Note: When you click on the pictures, it will bring up a half-size version of the original. These are easier for most web browsers to display and take up less disk space. If anyone wants hi-res originals, let me know.)

(Posted 6/22/02) Joe Cool. Asleep on the sofa. And enjoying being tall with daddy!

(Posted 6/22/02) Sitting up by himself, trying to crawl, trying to pull down the arch (usually successful after a few minutes), and the last picture in his old carseat.

Jeff Collins