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Photos from our son Alexander William Collins

Last updated Saturday, December 13, 2003. Newer pictures are at the bottom!

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Lori and I continue to take care of him at home, each working half time and caring for him half time. Lori works mornings and takes care of Alex in the afternoons. Jeff takes care of Alex in the mornings and works in the afternoons.

Photos from Apr 2003-Jun 2003 are here. Photos from Nov 2002-Mar 2003 are here. Photos from the October 2002 time frame are here. Some photos from June 2002 are here. Older photos (before June 2002) are here.

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image2779 image2781

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Jun 20, 2003. Auntie Chrissy finished grad school at Yale, moved back in state, and has an easier time coming over to visit. Her reward is to have Alex steal her jewelry!

image2784 image2785 image2787

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Jul 12, 2003. Looking cute playing on the sofa.

image2792 image2794 image2805

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Jul 19, 2003. Visiting with Jeff's grandparents in Berkeley.

image2817 image2819

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Aug 5, 2003. Having fun with Auntie Jul & Auntie Chrissy.

image2820 image2821 image2822

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Aug 7, 2003. Alex catching up on some assigned reading. Quiz tomorrow.

image2831 image2832

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Aug 24, 2003. Having fun with his new outdoor climbing structure!

image2835 image2837 image2838 image2839 image2842

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Aug 29, 2003. Having a good visit with Lori's mom and Aunt Karen. You talking to me?? I want some dessert too!

image2846 image2847 image2849 image2865 image2866

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Sept 1-16, 2003. Taste testing his toy staple gun. Quick visit with Jeff's Aunt Vivian and Uncle Jay. Showing us that those doorknobs aren't quite the obstacle they used to be!

image2851 image2852 image2857

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Sept 9, 2003. You can't see me! I'm in my secret backyard hiding place! Escaping from hiding place--Outta my way!!! And going "wheee" down his little slide.

image2870 image2873 image2876

(Posted 11/27/03) Taken Oct 3-8, 2003. Trying on his new tool belt (part of his Halloween costume). Rare picture of Alex sleeping peacefully. Using the toy shelves in ways we didn't plan on.

image2889 image2890 image2892

(Posted 11/27/03) Taken Oct 11, 2003. Having fun during his first visit to a pumpkin patch!

image2906 image2907 image2909

(Posted 11/27/03) Taken Oct 30, 2003. Making sure he's all set for Halloween. (Alex will be Bob the Builder.) Trying out all the tools, including carpenter's square.

image2922 image2927 image2929 image2937

(Posted 11/27/03) Taken Oct 31, 2003 (Halloween). Can we go now?? Starting to walk around the neighborhood. What do you mean I ate all the candy already????

image2940 image2943

(Posted 11/27/03) Taken Nov 2, 2003. Having fun with Mama in the backyard.

image2959 image2961 image2962 image2964 image2967

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Nov 27, 2003. Thanksgiving at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley.

image2971 image2977 image2980 image2995

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Dec 8-12, 2003. It's a tough life being a baby! Pants?! I'm not wearing any pants! I'm still not wearing any pants! And no pants, but going on the potty (yay!!).

image2982 image2992

(Posted 12/13/03) Taken Dec 12, 2003. Alex's 2nd Hanukkah/Christmas season is upon us!

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