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Alex just started back to preschool for the fall. He attended a short summer school session and then had a few weeks off. During the last of those weeks off, we all took a vacation up to Tahoe.

Photos from Jun 2003-Dec 2003 are here. Photos from Apr 2003-Jun 2003 are here. Photos from Nov 2002-Mar 2003 are here. Photos from the October 2002 time frame are here. Some photos from June 2002 are here. Older photos (before June 2002) are here.

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(Posted 10/11/04) Taken July 18, Aug 1, Aug 3, 2004. Alex cooling off in his pool out on the back deck. Checking out the newly-opened-to-him finished back deck.

image3534 image3537 image3538 image3540 image3541

(Posted 10/11/04) Taken Aug 25, 2004. Alex hanging out in the living room with Mama and Dada.

image_im003547.jpg image_im003548.jpg image_im003549.jpg image_im003550.jpg image_im003560.jpg image_im003580.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Sept 4, 6, 17, and 26, 2004. Miscellaneous cuteness in our living room. Being this cute is really tiring!

image_im003562.jpg image_im003564.jpg image_im003565.jpg image_im003567.jpg image_im003572.jpg image_im003574.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Sept 20, 2004. Auntie Chrissy came over to visit with Alex for the morning while she was in town.

image_p3070004.jpg image_p3070005.jpg image_p3070007.jpg image_p3070008.jpg image_p3070010.jpg image_p3070045.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Sept 23, 2004 on Aunt Karen's camera (thanks for the copies!). Lori and Alex and I drove down to Lancaster, CA for the weekend as part of the surprise 90th birthday party for Lori's Grandma Net. This was the first time that Grandma Net and Papa Mort had met Alex in person.

image_im003583.jpg image_im003585.jpg image_im003591.jpg image_im003593.jpg image_im003597.jpg image_im003602.jpg image_im003605.jpg image_im003606.jpg image_im003607.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Oct 3, 2004. We took Alex to visit this great pumpkin patch here in town. They had pumpkins, a couple of tunnels, and a hay maze.

image_im003615.jpg image_im003616.jpg image_im003622.jpg image_im003623.jpg image_im003627.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Oct 14 and 16, 2004. Playing on the back porch, probably the last recorded "laundry baby" before Dada decided his back wasn't going to fare any better than the laundry baskets, getting ready for election day, and playing with his dry bean collection.

image_im003637.jpg image_im003640.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Oct 31, 2004. We tried to take Alex out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Unfortuntely, he didn't really understand the concept. He did have fun with his glow stick, though.

image_im003642.jpg image_im003644.jpg image_rm003646.jpg image_rm003647.jpg image_rm003648.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Nov 7, 2004. We hosted a birthday party for Lori's grandma Tootie.

image_im003665.jpg image_im003679.jpg image_im003681.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Dec 11, 2004; Dec 30, 2004; Jan 15, 2005. Alex posing with the Hanukkah quilt. Enjoying his last visit with Cherie, his long time speech therapist. And showing off his new banana slug sweatshirt.

image_im003670.jpg image_im003672.jpg image_im003674.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Christmas morning, 2004 at Jeff's mom's house. Alex having a good time tearing apart wrapping paper.

image_im003691.jpg image_im003696.jpg image_im003698.jpg

(Posted 1/17/05) Taken Jan 15, 2005 at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley. A small family gathering to celebrate Alex's upcoming 3rd birthday!

image_im003704.jpg image_im003705.jpg

(Posted 1/26/05) Taken Jan 17, 2005. Alex's last visit with his speech therapist Cherie.

image_im003710.jpg image_im003713.jpg image_rm003716.jpg image_rm003720.jpg image_rm003722.jpg image_im003726.jpg image_im003729.jpg image_rm003731.jpg image_im003737.jpg image_im003738.jpg image_im003745.jpg

(Posted 1/26/05) Taken Jan 23, 2005. Celebrating Alex's 3rd birthday with Lori's family.

image_im003758.jpg image_im003768.jpg image_im003771.jpg image_im003779.jpg image_im003782.jpg image_im003786.jpg image_im003806.jpg

(Posted 4/18/05)

image_im003828.jpg image_im003830.jpg image_im003831.jpg

(Posted 8/29/05) Taken 6/7/05. Alex playing in his new inflatable backyard pool.

image_im003834.jpg image_rm003836.jpg image_rm003837.jpg

(Posted 8/29/05) Taken 6/7/05. Alex helping da-da hang shirts.

image_im003841.jpg image_im003842.jpg image_im003843.jpg image_im003845.jpg image_im003846.jpg image_im003849.jpg

(Posted 8/29/05) Taken 6/12/05. More fun in the backyard pool.

image_im003858.jpg image_im003860.jpg image_im003861.jpg image_im003865.jpg image_im003868.jpg image_im003870.jpg image_im003871.jpg image_im003875.jpg image_im003876.jpg image_im003877.jpg image_im003878.jpg image_im003880.jpg

(Posted 8/29/05) Taken 8/14/05. Our first vacation to Jeff's grandparents' cabin in South Lake Tahoe. First exhausted from the road trip. Then having fun at the beach. Finally helping da-da make mud pies.

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