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Photos from our son Alexander William Collins

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(Posted 12/21/05) Taken Sept 5, 2005. Alex's first visit to Children's Fairyland in Oakland. Taking a ride on Noah's Ark. Considering going down the clock tower slide. Saying hi to the dragon at the entrance. Trying out Peter Rabbit's secret tunnel. Taking a break from the hot African sun. I didn't think my tummy was that big! Taking a ride on the newly refurbished train ride with da-da. Laughing at us from the top of the "kids only" building when we wanted him to come down.

image_dscf0174.jpg image_dscf0177.jpg image_rscf0179.jpg image_dscf0188.jpg image_dscf0189.jpg image_dscf0190.jpg

(Posted 12/21/05) Taken Nov 25, 2005. Our second Thanksgiving in two days, this time at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley. Does anyone else have pictures from Lori's family T-day in Santa Cruz???

image_dscf0204.jpg image_dscf0206.jpg image_dscf0208.jpg image_dscf0209.jpg image_dscf0210.jpg

(Posted 12/21/05) Taken Dec 3, 2005. Playing ball with da-deeee.

image_dscf0212.jpg image_dscf0216.jpg image_dscf0222.jpg image_dscf0226.jpg

(Posted 3/15/06) Taken Dec 14, 2005. Alex trying out an early Christmas present on a rainy Livermore day.

image_dscf0233.jpg image_dscf0242.jpg image_dscf0243.jpg image_dscf0244.jpg image_dscf0245.jpg image_dscf0246.jpg image_dscf0248.jpg image_dscf0251.jpg image_dscf0257.jpg image_dscf0259.jpg image_dscf0260.jpg image_dscf0268.jpg image_dscf0270.jpg image_dscf0271.jpg image_dscf0274.jpg image_dscf0281.jpg image_PC250072.jpg image_PC250079.jpg image_PC250080.jpg image_PC250082.jpg image_PC250084.jpg image_PC250085.jpg image_PC250086.jpg image_PC250090.jpg image_PC250098.jpg image_PC250103.jpg image_PC250105.jpg image_PC250107.jpg image_PC250110.jpg image_PC250116.jpg image_PC250119.jpg image_PC250120.jpg image_PC250122.jpg image_rscf0235.jpg image_rscf0247.jpg

(Posted 3/15/06) Taken Dec 25, 2005. Lori's family Christmas/Hanukkah party hosted at our house in Livermore. Thanks to Aunt Karen for giving us copies of the pictures off her camera.

image_dscf0284.jpg image_dscf0285.jpg image_dscf0286.jpg image_dscf0287.jpg image_dscf0291.jpg image_dscf0292.jpg image_dscf0298.jpg image_dscf0299.jpg image_dscf0301.jpg image_dscf0304.jpg image_dscf0306.jpg image_dscf0311.jpg image_dscf0312.jpg image_dscf0315.jpg image_dscf0317.jpg image_dscf0318.jpg image_dscf0322.jpg image_dscf0324.jpg image_dscf0325.jpg image_dscf0329.jpg image_dscf0330.jpg image_dscf0332.jpg image_dscf0334.jpg

(Posted 3/15/06) Taken Dec 29, 2005. Alex's first visit to Happy Hollow children's playground & zoo at Kelley Park in San Jose.

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