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Last updated Sunday, December 17, 2006. Newer pictures are at the bottom!

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Note: We realized too late that our Fuji camera began to die in April 2006 and got progressively worse until we replaced it on Dec 17, 2006. We salvaged as many of the pictures from the Fuji POS as possible, but most of the outdoor pictures taken on that thing during this timeframe are unviewable.

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image_dscf0337.jpg image_dscf0343.jpg image_dscf0344.jpg image_dscf0349.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Jan 1, 2006; Jan 2, 2006. Alex playing with his sea anemone toys. Shopping lessons with Auntie Chrissy. Step 1: How to ride the escalators.

image_dscf0355.jpg image_dscf0362.jpg image_dscf0363.jpg image_dscf0374.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Feb 3, 2006; Feb 9, 2006; Feb 14, 2006. Hanging out with dada. Checking out his new race car bed. Valentines cookies that Alex made at school.

image_dscf0377.jpg image_dscf0379.jpg image_dscf0380.jpg image_dscf0381.jpg image_dscf0382.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Feb 18, 2006. We had an unusual storm system come through town and leave snow on the hills surrounding Livermore. We piled in the car and drove out into the hills south of town (the road leading to Mt. Hamilton), hoping that we could find some snow to play in. Unfortunately, the roads didn't go high enough to actually find snow. We had to settle for a walk along the road before we turned back for home.

image_rscf0418.jpg image_rscf0427.jpg image_rscf0438.jpg image_rscf0445.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Apr 15, 2006. Alex playing with his Easter candy. Our Fuji digital camera is now starting to die. I had to intentionally blur these photos to remove lines in the images.

image_dscf0448.jpg image_dscf0456.jpg image_dscf0465.jpg image_dscf0469.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Apr 19, 2006. Visiting with Lori's Grandma Net down in Lancaster, CA.

image_dscf0500.jpg image_dscf0503.jpg image_dscf0506.jpg image_dscf0508.jpg image_dscf0511.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Apr 23, 2006. Celebrating Easter and Auntie Chrissy's birthday at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley.

image_dscf0526.jpg image_dscf0529.jpg image_dscf0542.jpg image_dscf0546.jpg image_dscf0597.jpg image_dscf0602.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken July 4, 2006; July 16, 2006; Aug 23, 2006. Alex playing on this small fort in the backyard. Playing with daddy's shoes. Playing with his water sprinkler on the back lawn.

image_dscf0627.jpg image_dscf0629.jpg image_dscf0636.jpg image_dscf0637.jpg image_dscf0638.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Oct 31, 2006. Alex in his Halloween costume (Tow Mater from the movie Cars).

image_dscf0639.jpg image_dscf0640.jpg image_dscf0641.jpg image_dscf0642.jpg image_dscf0643.jpg image_dscf0676.jpg image_dscf0677.jpg image_dscf0678.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Nov 5, 2006. Beating up on daddy and playing on the back deck.

image_dscf0687.jpg image_dscf0691.jpg image_dscf0694.jpg image_dscf0697.jpg image_dscf0698.jpg image_dscf0699.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Nov 22, 2006. Early Thanksgiving dinner for Jeff's family hosted at our house in Livermore.

image_dscf0710.jpg image_dscf0711.jpg image_dscf0715.jpg image_dscf0717.jpg image_dscf0718.jpg image_dscf0803.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Dec 10, 2006; Dec 14, 2006. Horsing around with daddy and checking out an orange.

image_000_0002.jpg image_000_0004.jpg image_000_0010.jpg image_000_0012.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Dec 17, 2006. Testing out our new camera after finding out that our old one had been broken for some time. Alex playing outside in his big play fort.

image_000_0014.jpg image_000_0016.jpg image_000_0021.jpg image_000_0022.jpg image_000_0027.jpg image_000_0031.jpg image_000_0032.jpg image_000_0037.jpg image_000_0038.jpg image_000_0040.jpg image_000_0043.jpg image_000_0054.jpg

(Posted 12/17/06) Taken Dec 17, 2006. Alex raiding the Doritos and attacking daddy.

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