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image_000_0058.jpg image_000_0060.jpg image_000_0062.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/18/2006. Alex stealing daddy's office chair.

image_100_0002.jpg image_100_0003.jpg image_100_0008.jpg image_100_0015.jpg image_100_0017.jpg image_100_0020.jpg image_100_0024.jpg image_100_0037.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/23/2006. Holiday party with Lori's family.

image_100_0060.jpg image_100_0064.jpg image_100_0071.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/24/2006. Alex playing with his stash of toys.

image_100_0080.jpg image_100_0081.jpg image_100_0085.jpg image_100_0096.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/25/2006. Christmas morning at Jeff's mom's house in Fremont.

image_100_0097.jpg image_100_0106.jpg image_100_0115.jpg image_100_0119.jpg image_100_0123.jpg image_100_0127.jpg image_100_0130.jpg image_100_0131.jpg image_100_0137.jpg image_100_0138.jpg image_100_0139.jpg image_100_0141.jpg image_100_0142.jpg image_100_0143.jpg image_100_0148.jpg image_100_0149.jpg image_100_0156.jpg image_100_0165.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/25/2006. Christmas PM at Jeff's grandparent's house in Berkeley.

image_100_0173.jpg image_100_0180.jpg image_100_0182.jpg image_100_0183.jpg image_100_0184.jpg image_100_0185.jpg image_100_0187.jpg image_100_0192.jpg image_100_0198.jpg image_100_0199.jpg image_100_0200.jpg image_100_0201.jpg image_100_0204.jpg image_100_0208.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/26/2006. Visiting with Jeff's Aunt Sherry & cousin Dylan.

image_100_0209.jpg image_100_0211.jpg image_100_0229.jpg image_100_0300.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 2/15/2007, 4/5/2007. Alex having fun with Angela, one of his therapists. Alex and his therapy team (Becci, Angela, and Crystal, Beth).

image_100_0213.jpg image_100_0220.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 2/23/2007 & 3/10/2007. Alex in line for his last haircut at the barber shop before it closed for good. Alex playing on his indoor swing.

image_100_0236.jpg image_100_0237.jpg image_100_0240.jpg image_100_0250.jpg image_100_0253.jpg image_100_0256.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 4/2007. Easter egg hunt at the local church.

image_100_0261.jpg image_100_0262.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 4/2007. Hanging out with da-da.

image_100_0266.jpg image_100_0268.jpg image_100_0270.jpg image_100_0271.jpg image_100_0275.jpg image_100_0276.jpg image_100_0277.jpg image_100_0278.jpg image_100_0280.jpg image_100_0282.jpg image_100_0287.jpg image_100_0289.jpg image_100_0291.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 4/8/2007. Easter afternoon with Jeff's family in Berkeley.

image_100_0319.jpg image_100_0320.jpg image_100_0326.jpg image_100_0329.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 5/6/2007. Dada sat still too long and is now considered furniture.

image_100_0330.jpg image_100_0335.jpg image_100_0353.jpg image_100_0354.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 5/13/2007. Party with Lori's family at our house in Livermore.

image_100_0544.jpg image_100_0547.jpg image_100_0552.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 5/2007. Jeff's mom visiting Alex at our house in Livermore.

image_100_0554.jpg image_100_0560.jpg image_100_0563.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 7/4/2007. Jeff's mom babysat Alex so Lori & I could eat lunch out.

image_100_0565.jpg image_100_0568.jpg image_100_0570.jpg image_100_0579.jpg image_100_0587.jpg image_100_0590.jpg image_100_0591.jpg image_100_0598.jpg image_100_0600.jpg image_100_0604.jpg image_100_0606.jpg image_100_0608.jpg image_100_0610.jpg image_100_0612.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 10/17/2007. Auntie Jul, Grandma Laura, and Grandpa Cruz came to visit and play with Alex.

image_100_0665.jpg image_100_0669.jpg image_100_0673.jpg image_100_0682.jpg image_100_0686.jpg image_100_0688.jpg image_100_0703.jpg image_100_0707.jpg image_100_0709.jpg image_100_0711.jpg image_100_0713.jpg image_100_0732.jpg image_100_0734.jpg image_100_0739.jpg image_100_0744.jpg image_100_0753.jpg image_100_0758.jpg image_100_0762.jpg image_100_0767.jpg image_100_0769.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken Taken 10/19/2007. Visiting the pumpkin patch with mama and dada.

image_100_0774.jpg image_100_0775.jpg image_100_0777.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 10/31/2007. Alex getting ready to go out trick-or-treating.

image_100_0784.jpg image_100_0785.jpg image_100_0786.jpg image_100_0791.jpg image_100_0794.jpg image_100_0796.jpg image_100_0797.jpg image_100_0798.jpg image_100_0800.jpg image_100_0801.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 11/4/2007. Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric came over to visit and play with Alex.

image_100_0802.jpg image_100_0804.jpg image_100_0807.jpg image_100_0808.jpg image_100_0810.jpg image_100_0814.jpg image_100_0816.jpg image_100_0817.jpg image_100_0818.jpg image_100_0822.jpg image_100_0823.jpg image_100_0824.jpg image_100_0826.jpg image_100_0827.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/22/2007. We hosted Lori's family for the traditional Christmas/Hanukkah party.

image_100_0829.jpg image_100_0834.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/23/2007. Alex checking out some of his new loot the next morning.

image_100_0842.jpg image_100_0844.jpg image_100_0845.jpg image_100_0850.jpg image_100_0851.jpg image_100_0853.jpg image_100_0854.jpg image_100_0855.jpg image_100_0856.jpg image_100_0859.jpg image_100_0860.jpg image_100_0861.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/28/2007. Auntie Chrissy had the week off work and was able to come out to Livermore to visit with Alex and have her reflexes checked.

image_100_0868.jpg image_100_0871.jpg image_100_0872.jpg image_100_0875.jpg image_100_0878.jpg image_100_0881.jpg image_100_0882.jpg image_100_0883.jpg image_100_0885.jpg image_100_0889.jpg image_100_0890.jpg image_100_0899.jpg image_100_0900.jpg image_100_0901.jpg image_100_0904.jpg image_100_0905.jpg image_100_0906.jpg image_100_0907.jpg image_100_0909.jpg image_100_0911.jpg image_100_0912.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 12/29/2007. We had a make-up Christmas celebration at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley. (Alex had been sick on Christmas Day.) Alex got his first bowling ball so that he and dada can go bowling on Sundays.

image_000_0066.jpg image_000_0075.jpg image_000_0076.jpg image_000_0078.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 1/18/2008. Alex opening some of his birthday presents. These were educational puzzles from Alex' Great-grandma Tootie.

image_000_0080.jpg image_000_0084.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 1/19/2008. Jeff's mom visiting Alex for his birthday.

image_000_0085.jpg image_000_0086.jpg image_100_0916.jpg image_100_0918.jpg image_100_0921.jpg image_100_0922.jpg

(Posted 1/27/08) Taken 1/20/2008. Alex getting into the spirit of the NFL playoffs. Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric came over to see Alex and watch some football. Alex checking out his new bopper toy.

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