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Photos from our son Alexander William Collins

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image_100_0934.jpg image_100_0936.jpg image_100_0937.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 3/10/2008. Alex playing with his basketball while wearing his basketball pajamas.

image_100_0949.jpg image_100_0950.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 3/17/2008. Trying to convince the world that he's Irish with a name like Collins.

image_100_0966.jpg image_100_0975.jpg image_100_0976.jpg image_100_0981.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 3/22/2008. Alex hunting Easter eggs and trading them in for candy at the local church's Easter egg hunt.

image_100_0984.jpg image_100_0985.jpg image_100_0986.jpg image_100_0988.jpg image_100_0991.jpg image_100_0992.jpg image_100_0995.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 3/22/2008. Alex and da-da bowling in Dublin.

image_100_0997.jpg image_100_0998.jpg image_100_1001.jpg image_100_1008.jpg image_100_1009.jpg image_100_1017.jpg image_100_1018.jpg image_100_1020.jpg image_100_1022.jpg image_100_1023.jpg image_100_1033.jpg image_100_1036.jpg image_100_1051.jpg image_100_1054.jpg image_100_1056.jpg image_100_1057.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 3/23/2008. Celebrating Easter at Jeff's mom's house in Fremont with Grandma and Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Jul.

image_100_1059.jpg image_100_1060.jpg image_100_1062.jpg image_100_1065.jpg image_100_1069.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 4/26/2008. Alex helping da-da rake leaves in the front yard.

image_100_1083.jpg image_100_1085.jpg image_100_1089.jpg image_100_1090.jpg image_100_1092.jpg image_100_1094.jpg image_100_1097.jpg image_100_1100.jpg image_100_1102.jpg image_100_1107.jpg image_100_1108.jpg image_100_1111.jpg image_100_1114.jpg image_100_1118.jpg image_100_1119.jpg image_100_1127.jpg image_100_1130.jpg image_100_1132.jpg image_100_1143.jpg image_100_1148.jpg image_100_1150.jpg image_100_1151.jpg image_100_1152.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 4/27/2008. Celebrating Jeff's grandparents' wedding anniversary at their house in Berkeley.

image_100_1155.jpg image_100_1163.jpg image_100_1164.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 5/5/2008. Playing in the dirt while wearing his "Plays in the dirt" shirt.

image_100_1167.jpg image_100_1168.jpg image_100_1169.jpg image_100_1174.jpg image_100_1175.jpg image_100_1178.jpg image_100_1181.jpg image_100_1182.jpg image_100_1184.jpg image_100_1187.jpg image_100_1188.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 5/11/2008. Celebrating Mothers' Day with Lori's family at our house.

image_100_1191.jpg image_100_1194.jpg image_100_1197.jpg image_100_1201.jpg image_100_1206.jpg image_100_1210.jpg image_100_1211.jpg image_100_1218.jpg image_100_1222.jpg image_100_1224.jpg image_100_1225.jpg image_100_1229.jpg image_100_1233.jpg image_100_1235.jpg image_100_1237.jpg image_100_1240.jpg image_100_1242.jpg image_100_1244.jpg image_100_1246.jpg image_100_1247.jpg image_100_1252.jpg image_100_1253.jpg image_100_1254.jpg image_100_1255.jpg image_100_1256.jpg image_100_1267.jpg image_100_1268.jpg image_100_1274.jpg image_100_1276.jpg image_100_1280.jpg image_100_1282.jpg image_100_1283.jpg image_100_1284.jpg image_100_1285.jpg

(Posted 7/4/08) Taken 6/15/2008. Alex participated in the Livermore Rodeo Lil' Pardners event for the first time. This is a yearly event for special needs kids held just prior to the Sunday rodeo events. Alex had Miss Livermore Rodeo 2008 Amanda Delaplane show him the ropes (literally), including how to run the barrels, rope a steer, ride the pretend bronco, and ride a real horse! Alex had a wonderful time at this event and we hope we can do it again next year! Lil' Pardners event information may be found here.

(Posted 8/3/08) Photos of Alex's half birthday party may be found here.

image_100_1377.jpg image_100_1378.jpg image_100_1379.jpg image_100_1380.jpg

(Posted 9/1/08) Taken 7/26/08. Auntie Jul stayed in one place too long and was declared furniture.

image_100_1385.jpg image_100_1392.jpg image_100_1393.jpg image_100_1394.jpg image_100_1396.jpg image_100_1397.jpg image_100_1398.jpg image_100_1401.jpg image_100_1402.jpg image_100_1403.jpg image_100_1404.jpg image_100_1405.jpg image_100_1406.jpg image_100_1407.jpg image_100_1408.jpg image_100_1409.jpg image_100_1419.jpg image_100_1420.jpg image_100_1421.jpg image_100_1422.jpg image_100_1426.jpg image_100_1427.jpg image_100_1430.jpg image_100_1431.jpg image_100_1433.jpg image_100_1434.jpg image_100_1436.jpg image_100_1439.jpg image_100_1440.jpg image_100_1441.jpg image_100_1442.jpg image_100_1443.jpg image_100_1444.jpg image_100_1445.jpg image_100_1447.jpg image_100_1448.jpg image_100_1454.jpg image_100_1455.jpg image_100_1456.jpg image_100_1457.jpg image_100_1458.jpg image_100_1459.jpg image_100_1461.jpg image_100_1462.jpg image_100_1468.jpg image_100_1469.jpg image_100_1470.jpg image_100_1477.jpg image_100_1479.jpg image_100_1481.jpg image_100_1482.jpg

(Posted 9/1/08) Taken 7/27/08. This was the last day of Special Olympics swimming for the summer. Lori got a little happy with the camera. But over the course of 8 weeks this summer, Alex learned to use a kickboard and to swim a short distance between daddy and Special Olympics volunteer Chris.

image_100_1501.jpg image_100_1502.jpg image_100_1504.jpg image_100_1514.jpg image_100_1515.jpg image_100_1517.jpg image_100_1521.jpg image_100_1522.jpg image_100_1524.jpg image_100_1532.jpg image_100_1538.jpg image_100_1542.jpg image_100_1545.jpg image_100_1551.jpg image_100_1552.jpg image_100_1554.jpg image_100_1555.jpg image_100_1557.jpg image_100_1558.jpg image_100_1567.jpg image_100_1568.jpg image_100_1573.jpg image_100_1574.jpg image_100_1578.jpg image_100_1580.jpg image_100_1589.jpg image_100_1590.jpg image_100_1591.jpg image_100_1605.jpg image_100_1607.jpg image_100_1609.jpg

(Posted 9/1/08) Taken 8/22/08. We took Alex on his first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Alex really liked the tide pool where the waves crashed over your head.

image_100_1613.jpg image_100_1614.jpg image_100_1616.jpg image_100_1617.jpg image_100_1619.jpg image_100_1622.jpg image_100_1623.jpg image_100_1624.jpg image_100_1627.jpg image_100_1630.jpg image_100_1632.jpg image_100_1633.jpg image_100_1635.jpg image_100_1636.jpg image_100_1640.jpg image_100_1644.jpg image_100_1650.jpg image_100_1653.jpg image_100_1666.jpg image_100_1670.jpg image_100_1671.jpg image_100_1672.jpg image_100_1673.jpg image_100_1674.jpg image_100_1678.jpg image_100_1680.jpg image_100_1682.jpg

(Posted 9/1/08) Taken 8/22/08. We took Alex to play at Dennis the Menace park in Monterey. This was a place that Lori remembers from her childhood. "If I misbehave really bad, are you gonna bronze me too???"

image_100_1690.jpg image_100_1691.jpg image_100_1692.jpg image_100_1693.jpg image_100_1694.jpg image_100_1698.jpg image_100_1699.jpg image_100_1704.jpg image_100_1708.jpg image_100_1709.jpg image_100_1713.jpg image_100_1715.jpg image_100_1720.jpg image_100_1722.jpg image_100_1723.jpg image_100_1724.jpg image_100_1725.jpg image_100_1726.jpg image_100_1727.jpg image_100_1728.jpg image_100_1729.jpg image_100_1732.jpg image_100_1733.jpg image_100_1734.jpg image_100_1735.jpg image_100_1737.jpg image_100_1738.jpg image_100_1745.jpg image_100_1746.jpg image_100_1747.jpg image_100_1752.jpg image_100_1757.jpg image_100_1762.jpg image_100_1764.jpg image_100_1765.jpg image_100_1766.jpg image_100_1768.jpg image_100_1772.jpg image_100_1773.jpg image_100_1776.jpg image_100_1777.jpg image_100_1778.jpg image_100_1779.jpg image_100_1780.jpg image_100_1781.jpg image_100_1782.jpg image_100_1784.jpg image_100_1786.jpg image_100_1787.jpg image_100_1788.jpg image_100_1789.jpg image_100_1790.jpg image_100_1791.jpg image_100_1792.jpg image_100_1793.jpg image_100_1794.jpg image_100_1795.jpg image_100_1796.jpg image_100_1798.jpg image_100_1801.jpg image_100_1802.jpg image_100_1803.jpg image_100_1804.jpg image_100_1805.jpg image_100_1806.jpg image_100_1807.jpg image_100_1808.jpg image_100_1809.jpg image_100_1810.jpg image_100_1811.jpg image_100_1814.jpg

(Posted 9/1/08) Taken 8/24/08. We took Alex to visit the Oakland zoo. He really liked these little orange frogs (that we couldn't get pictures of--no flash allowed). And he couldn't believe how big the giraffes and elephants and camels were. But any animal with the audacity to just lie there (ie. alligators, snakes, sleeping tiger) was a complete dud.

image_100_1821.jpg image_100_1822.jpg image_100_1823.jpg image_100_1827.jpg image_100_1828.jpg image_100_1830.jpg image_100_1832.jpg image_100_1834.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 10/4/08. Alex helped dada make a nice dinner for mama. He's very good at stirring.

image_100_1836.jpg image_100_1837.jpg image_100_1839.jpg image_100_1842.jpg image_100_1850.jpg image_100_1852.jpg image_100_1859.jpg image_100_1863.jpg image_100_1867.jpg image_100_1868.jpg image_100_1869.jpg image_100_1870.jpg image_100_1871.jpg image_100_1872.jpg image_100_1876.jpg image_100_1877.jpg image_100_1883.jpg image_100_1884.jpg image_100_1888.jpg image_100_1891.jpg image_100_1893.jpg image_100_1900.jpg image_100_1903.jpg image_100_1908.jpg image_100_1920.jpg image_100_1922.jpg image_100_1927.jpg image_100_1935.jpg image_100_1938.jpg image_100_1940.jpg image_100_1941.jpg image_100_1943.jpg image_100_1945.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 10/5/08. Our annual pilgrimage to Joan's Pumpkin Farm in Livermore.

image_100_1951.jpg image_100_1955.jpg image_100_1957.jpg image_100_1958.jpg image_100_1960.jpg image_100_1961.jpg image_100_1962.jpg image_100_1963.jpg image_100_1964.jpg image_100_1965.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 10/11/08. Alex playing e-soccer in Pleasanton. E-soccer's webpage is here.

image_100_1970.jpg image_100_1975.jpg image_100_1980.jpg image_100_1983.jpg image_100_1985.jpg image_100_1996.jpg image_100_1998.jpg image_100_2007.jpg image_100_2008.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 10/29/08. We took Alex to the annual Livermore downtown trick-or-treat. Alex was dressed as the Raiders' quarterback.

image_100_2015.jpg image_100_2016.jpg image_100_2024.jpg image_100_2025.jpg image_100_2026.jpg image_100_2027.jpg image_100_2028.jpg image_100_2029.jpg image_100_2030.jpg image_100_2031.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 10/30/08. Halloween parade at Alex's school.

image_100_2032.jpg image_100_2033.jpg image_100_2037.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 11/28/08. Visiting with Lori's mom & sister.


(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 11/29/08. Alex helped dada rake leaves in the front yard.

image_100_2049.jpg image_100_2052.jpg image_100_2053.jpg image_100_2054.jpg image_100_2055.jpg image_100_2056.jpg image_100_2057.jpg image_100_2058.jpg image_100_2059.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 12/6/08. Alex had fun playing in the (trucked in) snow at the fountain in downtown Livermore.

image_100_2067.jpg image_100_2070.jpg image_100_2075.jpg image_100_2078.jpg image_100_2080.jpg image_100_2081.jpg image_100_2082.jpg image_100_2083.jpg image_100_2084.jpg image_100_2085.jpg image_100_2086.jpg image_100_2087.jpg image_100_2090.jpg image_100_2091.jpg image_100_2094.jpg image_100_2095.jpg image_100_2097.jpg image_100_2098.jpg image_100_2099.jpg image_100_2102.jpg image_100_2103.jpg image_100_2104.jpg image_100_2105.jpg image_100_2106.jpg image_100_2107.jpg image_100_2108.jpg image_100_2111.jpg

(Posted 12/7/08) Taken 12/7/08. Alex's classmate Robert had a birthday party at the bounce house in Livermore. Alex had a wonderful time bouncing, playing mini-bowling, and trying out the climbing wall.

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