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image_100_2113.jpg image_100_2114.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/21/08. Alex is getting too big to be laundry baby any more.

image_100_2123.jpg image_100_2125.jpg image_100_2128.jpg image_100_2136.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/23/08. Alex is helping to make a gingerbread house for the upcoming holiday party.

image_100_2140.jpg image_100_2141.jpg image_100_2142.jpg image_100_2143.jpg image_100_2147.jpg image_100_2148.jpg image_100_2151.jpg image_100_2152.jpg image_100_2153.jpg image_100_2156.jpg image_100_2157.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/25/08. Christmas morning at Jeff's mom's house in Fremont.

image_100_2160.jpg image_100_2161.jpg image_100_2162.jpg image_100_2165.jpg image_100_2169.jpg image_100_2170.jpg image_100_2172.jpg image_100_2175.jpg image_100_2179.jpg image_100_2184.jpg image_100_2186.jpg image_100_2188.jpg image_100_2189.jpg image_100_2190.jpg image_100_2191.jpg image_100_2198.jpg image_100_2199.jpg image_100_2203.jpg image_100_2209.jpg image_100_2210.jpg image_100_2213.jpg image_100_2218.jpg image_100_2221.jpg image_100_2222.jpg image_100_2224.jpg image_100_2227.jpg image_100_2229.jpg image_100_2230.jpg image_100_2231.jpg image_100_2232.jpg image_100_2234.jpg image_100_2239.jpg image_100_2240.jpg image_100_2241.jpg image_100_2243.jpg image_100_2244.jpg image_100_2245.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/25/08. Christmas afternoon at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley.

image_100_2249.jpg image_100_2250.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/26/08. Alex helping with frosting.

image_100_2251.jpg image_100_2252.jpg image_100_2253.jpg image_100_2255.jpg image_100_2257.jpg image_100_2258.jpg image_100_2259.jpg image_100_2262.jpg image_100_2263.jpg image_100_2264.jpg image_100_2265.jpg image_100_2266.jpg image_100_2270.jpg image_100_2271.jpg image_100_2274.jpg image_100_2275.jpg image_100_2276.jpg image_100_2279.jpg image_100_2281.jpg image_100_2283.jpg image_100_2284.jpg image_100_2286.jpg image_100_2289.jpg image_100_2290.jpg image_100_2294.jpg image_100_2295.jpg image_100_2298.jpg image_100_2299.jpg image_100_2300.jpg image_100_2304.jpg image_100_2305.jpg image_100_2306.jpg image_100_2308.jpg image_100_2310.jpg image_100_2314.jpg image_100_2315.jpg image_100_2322.jpg image_100_2324.jpg image_100_2326.jpg image_100_2329.jpg image_100_2331.jpg image_100_2333.jpg image_100_2341.jpg image_100_2343.jpg image_100_2344.jpg image_100_2345.jpg image_100_2346.jpg image_100_2347.jpg image_100_2348.jpg image_100_2349.jpg image_100_2350.jpg image_100_2356.jpg image_100_2357.jpg image_100_2360.jpg image_100_2365.jpg image_100_2366.jpg image_100_2369.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 12/28/08. We hosted the holiday party for Lori's family at our house in Livermore.

image_100_2380.jpg image_100_2381.jpg image_100_2383.jpg image_100_2386.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 1/17/09. A birthday party for Alex's 7th birthday with Lori's family.

image_100_2388.jpg image_100_2389.jpg image_100_2392.jpg image_100_2395.jpg image_100_2401.jpg image_100_2402.jpg image_100_2403.jpg image_100_2404.jpg image_100_2406.jpg image_100_2412.jpg image_100_2413.jpg image_100_2416.jpg image_100_2418.jpg image_100_2419.jpg image_100_2422.jpg image_100_2423.jpg image_100_2428.jpg image_100_2431.jpg image_100_2435.jpg image_100_2442.jpg image_100_2443.jpg image_100_2444.jpg image_100_2445.jpg image_100_2447.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 1/18/09. A visit to the Oakland Zoo.

image_100_2448.jpg image_100_2452.jpg image_100_2453.jpg image_100_2454.jpg image_100_2458.jpg image_100_2459.jpg image_100_2460.jpg image_100_2461.jpg image_100_2462.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 1/18/09. Relaxing with Dada after walking miles and miles and miles at the zoo earlier in the day.

image_100_2463.jpg image_100_2465.jpg image_100_2467.jpg image_100_2468.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 1/18/09. Stealing frosting off a cake that Mama had just made.

image_100_2469.jpg image_100_2470.jpg image_100_2473.jpg image_100_2474.jpg image_100_2475.jpg image_100_2480.jpg image_100_2481.jpg image_100_2482.jpg image_100_2483.jpg image_100_2484.jpg image_100_2488.jpg image_100_2491.jpg image_100_2493.jpg image_100_2496.jpg image_100_2497.jpg image_100_2498.jpg image_100_2500.jpg image_100_2502.jpg image_100_2505.jpg image_100_2508.jpg image_100_2510.jpg image_100_2511.jpg image_100_2516.jpg image_100_2517.jpg image_100_2519.jpg image_100_2521.jpg image_100_2526.jpg image_100_2528.jpg image_100_2530.jpg image_100_2535.jpg image_100_2536.jpg image_100_2537.jpg image_100_2541.jpg image_100_2542.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 1/25/09. Celebrating Alex's 7th birthday with Jeff's family. We had some cupcakes and played Wii Bowling.

image_100_2554.jpg image_100_2555.jpg image_100_2556.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 2/09. Alex once again trying and failing to reprise his role as laundry baby.

image_wiiparty3.jpg image_wiiparty4.jpg image_wiiparty5.jpg image_wiiparty7.jpg image_wiiparty9.jpg image_wiiparty10.jpg image_wiiparty11.jpg image_wiiparty12.jpg image_wiiparty13.jpg image_wiiparty14.jpg image_wiiparty15.jpg image_wiiparty17.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 2/09. This would turn out to be Alex's last visit with Jeff's grandpa (Aga) prior to his passing on 2/12/2009 at age 95. We got a 4-generational game of Wii Bowling going with Alex, Jeff, Jeff's mom, and Jeff's grandpa.

image_100_2544.jpg image_100_2545.jpg image_100_2546.jpg image_100_2547.jpg image_100_2550.jpg image_100_2551.jpg image_100_2552.jpg

(Posted 7/19/09) Taken 2/15/09. Visiting with Jeff's grandma and Aunt Vivian following the death of Jeff's grandpa.

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