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Photos from our son Alexander William Collins

Last updated Tuesday March 4, 2003. Newer pictures are at the bottom!

Alex is now over 13 months old. He weighs in at 34 lbs and is taller than his changing table. He's well on his way to being a huge kid! He has very well developed gross and fine motor skills for a kid his age. He runs around and walks backwards and squats and picks up iddy-biddy pieces of lint, leaf, and cheerio to eat. However, he continues to have difficulties eating solid foods, especially anything that requires chewing. We have an appointment on March 31 to have his tongue un-tied (he's been tongue-tied since birth). We're hoping that will help matters on the chewing and perhaps talking front.

Although he still mostly does "Da-da" and "Ma-ma", Alex is starting to babble more. He'll talk back to his favorite characters on Sesame Street. We wish we had a baby to English translator (ala one episode of The Simpsons) and then he could tell us what's going on!

Lori and I continue to take care of him at home, each working half time and caring for him half time. Lori works mornings and takes care of Alex in the afternoons. Jeff takes care of Alex in the mornings and works in the afternoons.

Photos from the October time frame are here. Some photos from June are here. Older photos (before June) are here.

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image2238 image2240 image2248 image2249

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Nov 28 (Thanksgiving). Our visit to see Jeff's grandparents, Aunt Vivian, and Uncle Jay in Berkeley. Alex wanted to be sure Uncle Jay's beard was securely attached.


(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Nov 28 (Thanksgiving). We ended up home for Thanksgiving dinner itself. Alex is enjoying a gourmet meal of baby food plums and macaroni and cheese. Dinner of champions! If this kid doesn't start behaving himself, this picture is going in his high school yearbook!

image2264 image2283 image2284

(Posted 12/21/02 & 1/23/02) Taken Nov 30 & Dec 1. Using one of his great-great grandma's kitchen chairs as a launching pad. Looking good in his 49ers outfit. And what do you do when you can't decide which toy to pull out of the toybox? Why jump in the box of course!

image2272 image2274 image2288

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Nov 30 & Dec 1. Alex at his Uncle Eric's family Hanukkah party in San Francisco. Having fun with Uncle Eric, Eric's mom, and his Aunt Julie (Lori's sister). And then having fun at home with one of the new toys he made off with.

image2289 image2290

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Dec 7. Michigan's new nose tackle, circa 2020, if my Uncle Rock, Aunt Jani, and cousins have their way. ;-) This, of course, is his other Aunt Julie (Jeff's sister).

image2294 image2297 image2298 image2299

(Posted 12/21/02 & 1/23/03) Taken Dec 9. Playing with his "hat", his tennis ball, and stealing his hat back from Daddy, along with Daddy's glasses.

image2308 image2336

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Dec 14-16. Caught trying to get into the fridge (see the guilty look!) and having fun with the spatula he fished out of the only drawer we don't (yet) have a baby latch on.

image2310 image2317

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Dec 14. Some of the few pictures I got of Alex during the holiday party for Lori's family that we hosted. For the most part, we were too busy trying to keep him out of trouble! A cute picture with his Uncle Eric and the novelty of being able to walk under the folding table.

image2325 image2327 image2328 image2330

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Dec 16. Walking around the living room and having great fun watching Elmo on Sesame Street.

image2318 image2337

(Posted 12/21/02) Taken Dec 15-16. Hanging out with daddy and once that got boring, trying out some of his new wrestling moves on me.

image2338 image2355 image2367 image2370

(Posted 1/23/03) Taken Dec 17-24. Walking around, seeing Auntie Chrissy for the first time since May, stealing daddy's office chair, and being "tall baby".

image2377 image2383 image2390

(Posted 1/23/03) Christmas morning at our house. Chewing on gift bags and breakfast of champions (apricots).

image2391 image2394 image2396 image2398

(Posted 1/23/03) Christmas afternoon at Jeff's grandparents' house in Berkeley.

image2408 image2410

(Posted 1/23/03) Taken Dec 26. Trying out some of his new toys. Auntie Chrissy trying to show him how to play with his new peek-a-boo toy.

image2413 image2414 image2416 image2421

(Posted 1/23/03) Taken Dec 28. Celebrating Christmas with Jeff's Grandma and Grandpa Collins, Aunt Sherry, and cousin Dylan.

image2426 image2432

(Posted 1/23/03) Taken Dec 29. Jeff's Aunt Vivian and Uncle Jay stopped by to see Alex on their way through town headed back to LA. Alex managed to steal the empty coffee cup. He's not sure if he likes Peet's or Starbuck's yet.

image2435 image2437 image2441 image2443 image2447 image2460

(Posted 1/23/03 & 3/4/03) Taken Dec 31 to Jan 5. Riding his new car. Checking out his new "piano" toy. Figuring out that he can arrange for all the new toys to be in reach at the same time. Alex's swashbuckling drunken sailor imitation. Alex taking his new car for a spin. And finally, why walk with shoes when you can sit down and try to pull them off first??

image2462 image2465 image2468 image2475

(Posted 1/23/03) Taken Jan 8-17. Showing off his new dinosaur bath towel. Riding the car some more. Showing off his new t-rex shirt. And finally, Jeff and "dino baby".

image2477 image2479 image2483 image2484

(Posted 1/23/03) Alex's 1st birthday celebration at our house with Jeff's family and Lori's family. Alex and his Uncle Eric are both transfixed watching Sesame Street.

image2485 image2491

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 1/22 and 2/13. Visiting with Grandma Laura and hanging out with Da-da on the floor of the living room.

image2487 image2488 image2490

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 1/31. Alex doing his best linebacker impression. Alex running to tackle the camera carrier. And finally, Alex contemplating his navel.

image2493 image2494 image2495 image2496 image2503

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 2/14 (Valentine's Day). Having great fun with the balloons that Ma-ma sent us and trying to show them who's the boss!

image2505 image2506 image2508

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 2/19. Auntie Chrissy was in town from back east and had to come over and see her cutest (and only) nephew.

image2510 image2511

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 2/19. Alex showing off his little guy spare tire.

image2513 image2514 image2516 image2518 image2520

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 2/22. Lori's mom and friend Don came over to visit.

image2521 image2527 image2528

(Posted 3/4/03) Taken 2/25 & 2/28. Alex discovered that this little nook in the living room makes a wonderful backstop for bouncing his tennis ball. (Note tennis ball in flight!) Alex is also proud of his little guy self for stealing Da-da's hat. Da-da's getting back at you kid by publishing this dorky looking picture of you!

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