Jeff and Lori Collins'

Baby photos from our son Alexander William Collins

Last updated Wednesday, November 13, 2002. I just put up some pictures from Halloween (Alex was a leopard).

Alex is now almost 10 months old. He's now about 26 lbs. He continues to be a handful for us. Although he's gotten better at taking his formula, ramping up the amount of solid food continues to be a struggle. He loves applesauce, apricots, peaches, and (just recently) yogurt. He is about to get his first tooth. He's been puking a lot lately (about once a day) when eating solid foods. We're still trying to figure out why and what to do about it. But he's definitely getting enough calories despite this and continues to gain weight and height.

Alex flunked out of another daycare center in September. We had high hopes, but things didn't work out. It's still too difficult to get formula in him and he would get really upset when I'd leave him there. We hope to try again once he's weaned off formula at about 1 year old. So we continue to each work part time and take care of him part time. Lori works mornings and takes care of Alex in the afternoons. Jeff takes care of Alex in the mornings and works in the afternoons.

Alex crawls all over the house now. He pulls himself to standing on furniture and walks along the furniture. He'll be walking soon. He's starting to talk more. (He hadn't gone much past "Da Da" until recently.) He's making more consonant sounds and starting to babble to express himself more than he ever has before.

I moved the old photos (before August) to another page to get them out of the way. Click here to see them.

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(Posted 10/20/02) Sept 29. Lori's mom and Aunt Karen dropped by the house on their way home from So Cal. This is the cutest picture with Karen.

(Posted 10/20/02) Sept 29 through Oct 13. Standing up on the outside of his saucer, holding grape lion by the tail. Standing up with Daddy. More saucer action. And finally, a mischievious look as he pushes his great-great-grandma Veronica's chair around the kitchen, with his high chair perched on top.

(Posted 10/20/02) Oct 13. Alex's most recent visit to Jeff's grandparents, Bill and Thelma Takacs, at their home in Berkeley. Visiting his namesake. Stealing his great-grandma's water bottle. And playing with great-grandma's walker/jungle gym.

(Posted 10/20/02) Oct 13 and Oct 17. Chewing on Mommy's slipper and chewing on a toy from McDonalds. Chewing is the common theme lately.

(Posted 11/13/02) Halloween, Oct 31, 2002. Alex was a leopard, as you can see. We only made it trick-or-treating to the two next-door neighbors, but Alex had fun and got to play with a crinkly candy package.

Jeff Collins