Jeff and Lori Collins'

Old baby photos from our new son Alexander William Collins

These are the pictures through April 8, 2002.

These are the older baby pictures. They are still online for now, but will be taken down as I run out of disk space.

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(Note: I had to take the hi-res versions of most of the older pictures down to save disk space on my website. Most pictures posted before 3/9 are no longer clickable to enlarge. E-mail me if you'd like any of these pictures, since of course they're still on my home computer.)

(Note: When you click on the more recent pictures, it will bring up a half-size version of the original. These are easier for most web browsers to display and take up less disk space. If anyone wants hi-res originals, let me know.)

His first day in this world. Getting warmed up a few minutes after his big entrance. Visiting with Jeff's mom Laura and sister Julie. And, of course, with Lori (aka Mom).

His second day in this world. Visiting with Lori's mom Margot, her Aunt Karen, and Diane. Plus Lori's sister Julie and brother-in-law Eric (Eric not pictured).

His third day in this world. Rare shots of Jeff holding the baby instead of the camera. More visits with Jeff's folks and shot of Cruz holding the baby. Looking a little suspicious after Julie gave him some food. And of course, looking cute in the receiving blanket Jeff's mom cross-stitched for him as a baby.

All bundled up to come home from the hospital.

(Posted 1/31/02) Checking out dad in bed. Meeting Jeff's good friends Karl and Nora (Karl not pictured). Meeting Jeff's maternal grandparents, Bill and Thelma Takacs. (The little guy is named for Jeff's grandpa William.) Stretching for Lori's mom Margot and looking cute for Don, an old friend of Lori's family.

(Posted 2/6/02) Looking cute while snorking down the food. Meeting Lori's Grandma Tootie. Looking suspiciously at Jeff's mom after she gave him a bath. His hair lightens a shade every time we bathe him. It's looking more and more red, ala Lori. Fortunately, his eyes are still Jeff's shade of blue!

(Posted 3/9/02) Visiting with Lori's sister Julie and Jeff's friends Todd and Erica (and their son Cameron). (Feb 9, 15)

(Posted 3/9/02) Visiting with Lori's friends Joane and Sandi and Jeff's friend Karl. (Feb 16, 17) (Blankets by Lori's friends Sandi and Laurlee)

(Posted 3/9/02) Looking cute, rocking, stretching, and hanging out with dad. (Feb 8-21).

(Posted 3/9/02) Generally looking cute (Feb 9-22). (Tie dye outfit from Lori's mom)

(Posted 3/9/02) Visiting with Jeff's grandparents at their house in Berkeley Feb 23.

(Posted 3/9/02) Looking cute, checking out the mobile, sitting up in the rocking chair, trying to grab the TV remote, stealing dad's spot in bed, and getting attacked by giant stuffed duckie.

(Posted 3/9/02) Smiles actually caught on camera! Woo hoo!!

(Posted 4/8/02) Miscellaneous cuteness.

(Posted 4/8/02) March 10--Visiting with Jeff's family, including meeting his Aunt Chrissy for the first time. Chrissy was back home in California for spring break, the first time she's been home since the little guy was born.

(Posted 4/8/02) March 12--Chrissy came out in the late afternoon to get some one-on-one time with her new nephew. She helped us feed him and give him a bath. And then she played peekaboo with the little guy. Lori got a kick out of it because it seems Chrissy and I play peekaboo the exact same way, without having talked about it or anything! We must have both learned it from our mom or grandma when we were little ourselves.

(Posted 4/8/02) March 16--Lori's Aunt Karen and Diane came to visit the little guy again. They hadn't seen him since he was first born.

(Posted 4/8/02) Attitude adjustment if he gets out of line as a teenager. ;-) Our first attempts at solid food and his first really, really, really bad hair day.

(Posted 4/8/02) Quit bugging me; I'm trying to watch my mobile!!

(Posted 4/8/02) Early couch potato training. Easter on my left, Passover on my right. Decisions, decisions....

(Posted 4/8/02) The little guy right after his first butchered haircut, courtesy of mom and dad. Trying to get a little solid food in him, with varying degrees of success.

Jeff Collins